Write For Us

Whether you’re a writer, a blogger, a reviewer or just a keen reader – WE NEED YOU! You can write for Hodderscape on anything from opinion pieces to reviews of SF/Fantasy-related stuff to general musings. Take a look at our guidelines and FAQs below.


Who can write for us

Anyone! Whether you’re an author, a reviewer, a blogger or just an avid reader, we’re open to your contributions. Basically, if you have something to share, we want to hear it!

We accept submissions from outside the UK, but please keep in mind that we are UK-based, which will affect some of our decisions about content. If, for example, a tv show has never aired in the UK, we’re unlikely to accept publish an article about it.


What to write

We’re looking for content that’s of interest to our community of SFF fans. If you have an idea for a piece about science fiction, fantasy or horror books, movies, tv shows, games, or art – a review, a critical essay, a how-to tutorial, or really anything at all – drop us a line!
Some examples of previously-published articles include: Can a book be scary?, Why Jaws 2 doesn’t suck and 8 classic covers re-imagined with LEGO.

There’s no word limit, but somewhere between 500 and 750 words is ideal.



We require first publication rights, non-exclusive into perpetuity. What that means is, we’re looking for articles and essays that have never been published before. If, later on, you’d like to republish what you’ve written for us somewhere else, that’s fine!

If you have any questions about the rights situation, please feel free to drop us a line.


Please do…

  • Write something that you feel is of interest to the wider SFF community.
  • Feel free to run the subject of your piece past us if you would like our view on whether or not it’s a suitable topic.
  • Proof-read! (Seriously, this is really important.)


What you’ll get in return for your contribution

We pay £10 per article and will send a bundle of Hodder books to anyone whose piece we publish.


How to submit

Please send us: a brief description of the piece you are proposing in 100 words or less, accompanied by an example of your previous work either as a link or an attachment to hodderscape@hodder.co.uk. You don’t have to include a CV!


Can I write a series of articles for you (e.g. a weekly or monthly re-read)?

In theory, yes, but it will depend on whether the themes and timings match our content schedule, so do send over a clear proposal in the first instance and get it agreed and booked in before you spend time writing or researching a series of articles.


What are you looking for in a book review?

Please make sure your review is fair and balanced. We love reviews of classic SFF novels, or classic non-genre novels and their influence on SFF. And we positively adore reviews and essays that compare books – say, Jane Eyre and The Voyage of the Space Beagle.


What are you looking for in a film review?

If the film is part a series or is an adaptation, perhaps an introduction to the source material (say, explaining the previous X-Men films and the history of the comic books). If the film is a new release, we like to run essays the week of or the week following the film’s premiere. So keep that in mind when making your proposal!


What are you looking for in a TV review?

We like articles about all television shows, whether they’re currently airing or have been off the air for decades. As always, please be fair and balanced, and mark your spoilers! Has the show aired in the UK? If not, we probably won’t accept your article. Sorry!


Will you publish my short story on your blog?

We are not currently accepting fiction (although we occasionally run flash fiction contests).