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  • POSTED ON: November 16, 2017
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    Clockwork City Extract Reveal!

    By Sam Bradbury

    Clockwork City Extract Reveal! Next month, Gideon Tau and his foul-mouth alcoholic sidekick, Dog, return for another adventure in Clockwork City. Sequel to Poison City, Clockwork City sees them having to contend with Fae gangs fighting for territory, the murder-suicide of two Delphic agents and the seven deadly sins. Oh, and did I mention they also have to run a heist to break into the most secure bank in Faerie? Because that’s on the agenda too. And if they fail? An ancient horned god will destroy London. Just a typical day’s work, right? MORE
  • POSTED ON: July 13, 2017
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  • POSTED ON: August 18, 2016
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    The Poison City Soundtrack

    By Paul Crilley

    The Poison City Soundtrack What I really want to do is direct. No, not really. Looks like too much hard work. But I do love movies. Like, really love them. So I like to cast my books and make soundtracks for them. I thought it might be fun to put the soundtrack for Poison City up here so that if anyone wants to listen as they read, or indeed laugh at my taste in music, then you can. Yes, I am that old fogey who thinks 90s music is better than the crap we get nowadays. Also, get off my lawn you kids. MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 12, 2016
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    Books, Friday Favourites

    Friday Favourites: Favourite Dogs from Fiction

    By Anne Perry

    Friday Favourites: Favourite Dogs from Fiction To celebrate the publication of Paul Crilley’s wonderful Poison City, which features the unforgettable trash-talking, sherry-drinking, attitude-having demon dog Dog, we’ve listed a few of our favourite fictional dogs. Some are from beloved books from our childhood (Old Yeller! Sniff.) some are from more recent favourites (*glares at Patrick Ness*) and all are equally lovable. MORE
  • POSTED ON: July 19, 2016
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  • POSTED ON: March 1, 2016
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    Cover reveal: Poison City by Paul Crilley

    By Fleur Clarke

    Cover reveal: Poison City by Paul Crilley This summer we publish Poison City, the first book in a South African crime series that sees investigator Gideon Tau pitted against the forces of darkness with nothing but a boozy dog and a magic wand made out of John Dee’s shin to help him. Suffice to say: more fun than a barrel of monkeys drinking margaritas. MORE
  • POSTED ON: December 7, 2015
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    Film, Hodderscape Advent

    7 alternate holiday movies to watch filled with snark and black humour

    By Paul Crilley

    7 alternate holiday movies to watch filled with snark and black humour Ah, Christmas. A time for melting into the couch with our third box of Quality Street and umpteenth cup of tea. A time for vegging out in front of the telly watching adverts featuring CGI cats and others that shamelessly pull on our heart strings making us cry while we suck up the mince pie crumbs from our onesie. You know what I say? Screw all that. We need more snark and black humor at Christmas. The perfect antidote to all that schmaltz and tinsel. Bah humbug indeed! MORE