Cover Reveal: TimeBomb by Scott K. Andrews

By Anne Perry

Posted on July 10, 2014 in Books, News with tags Book Covers, Science Fiction, Scott K. Andrews, Young Adult

We’re delighted to bring you an incredible new cover today! TimeBomb is the first in Scott K. Andrews‘ forthcoming YA timetravel trilogy. So without further ado…


timebomb large

New York City, 2141: Yojana Patel throws herself off a skyscraper, but never hits the ground.

Cornwall, 1640: gentle young Dora Predennick, newly come to Sweetclover Hall to work, discovers a badly-burnt woman at the bottom of a flight of stairs. When she reaches out to comfort the dying woman, she’s flung through time.

On a rainy night in present-day Cornwall, seventeen-year-old Kaz Cecka sneaks into the long-abandoned Sweetclover Hall, in search of a dry place to sleep. Instead he finds a frightened housemaid who believes Charles I is king and an angry girl who claims to come from the future.

Thrust into the centre of a war that spans millennia, Dora, Kaz and Jana must learn to harness powers they barely understand to escape not only villainous Lord Sweetclover but the forces of a fanatical army… all the while staying one step ahead of a mysterious woman known only as Quil.

TimeBomb publishes 9 October 2014!



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