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  • POSTED ON: August 30, 2013
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  • POSTED ON: August 29, 2013
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    Idealism and Fantasy

    By Mark Booth

    Idealism and Fantasy A few years ago I wrote book called The Secret History of the World. It was history according to the beliefs of secret societies like the Rosicrucians. I didn’t try to argue for it or present evidence, just dragged it all into the light of day. These mystical and esoteric beliefs, taken together, are a well worked account of idealism, the philosophy which argues that mind is in some sense more real than matter and prior to it. The book has done well in some territories, including France, Holland and the States. I was tickled pink the other day to discover that the villain of a Spanish film epic of the Holy Grail and the Templars was named after Jonathan Black. It seems to appeal to students and others curious about new ways of looking at the world. I was even invited to lecture on idealism at Maastricht University, not because I’m a proper philosopher but because materialism – the opposite of idealism – is so dominant that it’s hard to find anyone to argue the toss. MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 27, 2013
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    Holy Smokes Batman

    By Sharan Matharu

    Holy Smokes Batman Okay guys, I’m going to open up a can of worms up in here. Ben Affleck as Batman, let’s just say it was an unconventional choice to say the least. After the truly horrific spectacle that was Daredevil we all hoped that Affleck would stay away from the superheroes. Apparently not. MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 26, 2013
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    Fun Stuff

    Weekend Round Up

    By Naomi Berwin

    Weekend Round Up I loved the original Kick-Ass film and had been waiting and waiting for the second one – so you can imagine my disappointment when, the week before release, I looked at my movie app and saw that it had a 29% Rotten Tomatoes rating. 29%?! Yikes… Although I still couldn’t resist going to see it, I went in with very low expectations, thinking this might be a ‘two hours of my life I’m never getting back’ situation. MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 23, 2013
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    Film, Fun Stuff

    Weekend Recommendation

    By Sharan Matharu

    Weekend Recommendation Plans for the weekend anyone? If you don’t have a plan and you’re looking for a trip down memory lane there really is only one thing for you to do – go and watch Jurassic Park… in IMAX 3D! It was released today (UK) and is available at certain Odeon cinemas around the country. The film in its original form is great and from the reviews it seem as though the 3D experience won’t disappoint the loyal fans. So run over to your closest participating Odeon like you’ve got a T-Rex on your tail and enjoy Steven Spielberg’s classic in a whole new dimension! I’m certainly going to! MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 22, 2013
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    Fun Stuff

    All About The Cake

    By Pat Black

    All About The Cake It’s the cake that intrigues me. After all this time. There’s Peter Parker, in the middle of his studies. He’s decided not to be Spider-Man for a while, so that he can get his life back together. The daughter of his skinflint landlord, Mr Ditkowitz, knocks on his door. She’s brought him a glass of milk and some chocolate cake. The girl clearly adores him. Does Peter want some of the chocolate cake? MORE
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    The Bobby Dollar Covers

    By Anne Perry

    The Bobby Dollar Covers Bobby Dollar, the protagonist of Tad Williams’ urban fantasy series, is an advocate for the recently deceased, and he’s an angel… literally. But he’s no figurative angel. Bobby’s been around the block a few times – he’s seen it all and, frankly, takes it all for granted. (He’s even got his own cocktail.) MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 16, 2013
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    Books, Fun Stuff

    Cover Reveal: She Who Waits, by Daniel Polansky

    By Anne Perry

    Cover Reveal: She Who Waits, by Daniel Polansky On Wednesday our friends over at J for Jetpack featured the world premiere of the newest Daniel Polansky novel, She Who Waits. If you haven’t seen it yet (or admired what a lovely triptych it makes next to The Straight Razor Cure and Tomorrow, the Killing) – well, what are you waiting for? Click here and go check it out! MORE
  • POSTED ON: August 15, 2013
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    Never pass up a good book!

    By Sarah Dyer

    Never pass up a good book! To celebrate the paperback publication of Laini Taylor’s Days of Blood And Starlight, I’m going to tell you a story. A couple of years ago, I was working in Waterstones and, needing something to do in the last half hour before closing, I had a read of the latest Hodderesque email. Featured in that email was a debut novel by an unknown author by the name of Laini Taylor. Described as a beautiful fantasy novel with romance and a strong female lead character, that novel was Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, and I was intrigued. MORE
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