Hodderscoop: 12 September 2014

By Anne Perry

Posted on September 12, 2014 in Hodderscoop with tags Stark Trek, X FIles

Welcome to Hodderscoop, our weekly round-up of the best things we clicked on this week and the goings on at Hodderscape HQ.

Check it out: totally normal moments in art history where no one is about to get horribly murdered or anything.

Bond fans and bad movie fans were sorry to hear of the passing of Richard Kiel – aka Jaws from Moonraker. Kiel also played the titular role in Eegah, a low-budget film from 1962 that was rediscovered by MST3K in the 90s and spawned at least one very weird call-back, in the third season of the American Office.

BxP1OSJIMAAXHbcThis week in things that make us feel old: The X-Files premiered twenty-one years ago Wednesday. Let’s all just take a moment, shall we? Great! Now let’s go talk about Gillian Anderson’s clothes.

This video of a bear cub hanging out on a golf course is well worth your time today.

Grantland asks: sports movie or rom-com? After you’ve read that, it’s worth going through everything they’ve tagged ‘rom-com week’ – every article is fabulous.

Wide-screen Star Trek: artist Nick Acosta has stitched together scenes to give us a sense of what classic Star Trek would have looked like if filmed in widescreen. The answer: amazing.

And here’s what we got up to on the blog this week!

We introduced Cecilia Ekbäck to introduce her debut novel Wolf Winter! And did a couple of give-aways, too.

We’re also giving away copies of Under the Dome! Details here.

We also said goodbye to two long-running series – the Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams, of which book 3, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, and the final three installments of Stark Holborn’s Nunslinger – published on Thursday. Pass the tissues!

Did you guess this week’s UncCovered?

Finally, we chose our favorite beasts this week. What’s yours?



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