Hodderscape Open Submissions: updates!

By Anne Perry

Posted on August 3, 2015 in News with tags

It’s open season on submissions! If you’re planning to submit to Hodderscape, please read this update.

Hodderscape is now open for submissions! If you would like to submit, please read the guidelines here.


We have just a few updates to make.

  • Please be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them.
  • PLEASE format your email subject line according to our instructions. This makes our lives much, much easier as we go through logging and reading the submissions. Do not send us emails with subject lines saying ‘Hodderscape submissions’ or ‘submission’ or anything else. The format should be as follows:
    • submission – TITLE – author
      • for example: submission – A GAME OF GROANS – Anne Perry
  • The link to the Hodderscape email address was broken in the guidelines post. It has now been fixed. You should be able to email us by copying the address and pasting it into the ‘to’ field of your email.
  • There are a number of clarifying questions and answers in the comments of the original guidelines post, so if you have a question, take a look and see if we’ve already answered it.
  • Please check your submission email over carefully before sending it. Make sure all your attachments are present and correct. We’re getting a lot of submissions and the less time we have to spend sorting out which of your emails contains the right attachments, the better.


18 comments on “Hodderscape Open Submissions: updates!”

  • L Goudie says:

    If our Full MS is requested by a literary agent in the waiting time, do you need to be let know? thanks!

  • VIctoria Osborne-Broad says:

    For the benefit of those fortunate enough to be asked to submit their whole novel. Should the entire work be sent i.e. from page 1, or from the place where the 15,000 words/three chapters stopped – Chapter 4, page 93, or whatever? The former sounds simpler.

    • Anne Perry says:

      We will probably ask to have the entire manuscript submitted, from page 1 – but we haven’t decided yet. Instructions will be included in the email for any manuscript we decide to call in.

  • Cally says:

    Will I get an automatic response email to my submission?


    • Anne Perry says:

      No – we’re logging each sub by hand and will send an email response as soon as we’re finished – you should get your response within 24 hours of submission. We do have to ask for your patience, as we’re receiving a huge volume of submissions and it’s taking us a long time to log them all.

  • Rach says:

    Hi! I was wondering, my novel hasn’t been self-published yet, but I have a cover for it already. Can I attach that to the manuscript?

  • Elia Fayez Zaki says:

    I wrote a novel called the son of Jacob “Fantasia chronicling 20 centuries” .. in Arabic will be published soon in Egypt. Her style very special .. I wish I could be translate and publish it in Your Country Language at your publish house.

    • Anne Perry says:

      I’m afraid our open submissions window has closed. Keep an eye on the website and our Twitter feed for news and updates about the next submissions window, and good luck!

  • yvonne parsloe says:

    Hi, I am sorry to email you but several of my friends have received an email from you in October, now we are into November I wondered if you are done with all the submissions as I have yet to receive one, unless of course I missed it somehow.
    please don’t feel I’m nagging I was just curious. Thank you for taking the time to look at this email, and my submission, Regards Yvonne

  • Mr. Stuart Mills says:

    I have been trying to find the email address for Hodder & Stoughton both on the net and The Writers & Artists Yearbook 2016 in which to submit my completed manuscripts. Can you kindly forward me those details to enable me to forward my synopsis and first three chapters.

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