Classic Cover: Carrie

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on October 8, 2013 in Fun Stuff with tags Stephen King

The film edition of Carrie publishes this week! Take a look at some classic covers…

This week’s classic cover is Carrie. The remake starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore is released on November 29th and the film tie-in edition of the book publishes this week. So here’s a look at some of the various covers this cult classic has had since its original publication 1974.

1974 Doubleday Edition

1975 Signet/New American Library Edition

1975 Signet/New American Library Edition

Signet Edition









These covers concentrate on Carrie’s witch-like powers and play up the supernatural aspects of King’s story. As the book and film became cemented in pop culture, later covers seem to agree on what kind of novel Carrie is, but these covers range from young adult to horror.

Signet 1975 tie-in edition

1975 Signet tie-in edition

1981 New English Library Edition

1981 New English Library Edition

Pocket Books 2002 Edition

2002 Pocket Books Edition










After the initial publication, things get a bit bloodier. . . with the resounding consensus being that the colour scheme should be red. This is probably due to the lasting visual impact of the 1976 film’s bloody prom scene .

2007 Hodder & Stoughton Edition

2007 Hodder & Stoughton Edition

Carrie 2011

2011 Hodder & Stoughton Edition

2013 Hodder & Stoughton film tie-in edition









Both the blood-spattered 2011 edition and the minimal 2007 cover with its red accents continue with the original film’s gory colour palette . The new film doesn’t appear to break from tradition and images of Chloe Moretz soaked in blood have been trickling through the internet since it started filming.

Despite changing colour palettes and a shift from the supernatural to the gory since the book’s publication, almost all of these covers do foreground the fact that Carrie is a book about a girl, or, as the first cover puts it: ‘A novel of a girl with a frightening power’. In Carrie King created one of his most memorable characters and a classic tale of high school revenge that still connects with readers and audiences today.


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