Alternate Covers: The Violent Century

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 9, 2013 in Books with tags Book Covers, Lavie Tidhar

As we mentioned in our reveal for The Violent Century, we asked the artist Marko Manev to design the fantastic cover we all know and love. Marko has also kindly written a few words about the process, and shared with us a few of the draft covers he roughed out before settling on the final composition. They’re all extraordinary – and we’re delighted to reveal them below!

Earlier this year I was contacted by Hodder & Stoughton to do a cover for Lavie Tidhar’s new novel “Violent Century”. They really liked my set of black and white Noir superhero images, so I had a starting point. From the brief that I received, two terms really caught my imagination… “Cold War” and “Superheroes”! 

Both me and the art director wanted to do a very serious and violent cover with a touch of mystery and realism. After some initial drafts, I decided to do an image that could both be a scene out of the book as well as a composition of images that encompasses the violence of WWII as well as the divided world in the time of the Cold War. 

So I depicted the protagonist wrapped in mist standing on top of some rubble in front of the Brandenburg Gate as the symbol for the divided world. In the far back I included searchlights and anti air flak as well as a squadron of bombers in the sky. The barbed wire was the final touch of violence and constraint for the image to be coherent.

I had great fun doing the cover and I got really excited about the upcoming novel!”

The Violent Century - first alternateTVC 3TVC 2


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