8 SFF booktubers you should be following

By Kaitlin Gray

Posted on April 8, 2016 in Books with tags

Have you ever heard the word ‘booktube’ or ‘booktuber’ and wondered if it’s some kind of strange book-shaped-tuber? Sadly, no tubers are involved, but books most certainly are! The word ‘booktube’ stems from creators on YouTube who make book-related content and now is the perfect time to start following (or even making your own) booktube channels because the community is ever-growing and new niches are always cropping up. In fact, along with book discussions there are many different types of bookish videos being created and uploaded each month.

Every booktuber and booktube channel is different and some are high-quality whilst others simply use a webcam or phone. All channels have their own unique content and formats but many booktubers regularly feature the ‘staple’ booktube videos: Wrap-Ups, TBRs, Book Hauls and Tags (if you don’t know what these are then you’ll soon discover a whole new booktube language by following some of the fabulous booktubers we’ve listed below!)

The thing to remember when it comes to booktube is that it’s all about just having fun and chatting about books. If you’re a fellow book-enthusiast then you are more than welcome. Commenting and watching, subscribing and (maybe) creating videos yourself are all excellent ways to get involved in the community and finding your own niche can be truly rewarding, offering you genuine friendships with fellow readers.

Of course we realise you may need a little bit of help getting started, so below is a list of eight wonderful SFF Booktubers that are superb!


First up:

Elizabeth from ‘Books and Pieces’ (@books_pieces)

One of the best things about Elizabeth is her ability to have enormous amounts of fun whilst making her videos and to make you feel like you’re also having fun. Alongside her wit, charm and flirtations you’ll also get singing, costume changes and character on her channel, what more could you wish for?

One of my all-time favourite videos from Elizabeth is the classic Discworld Reading Order (A Musical Tribute) which features no less than six costume changes AND singing! Enjoy, my friends…you’ll thank me later!


Next, we have:

Michael from ‘Bitten by a Radioactive Book’ (@MPauli76)

Michael is a German booktuber who has a distinct passion for epic fantasy tomes. If you want to find someone who knows fantasy back-to-front and inside-out then Michael is your go-to man and he has something insightful to say on all bookish topics.

Michael did a series last year about what Fantasy is and how to get into it. He discussed the different subgenres within fantasy, and terminology used to describe ‘types’ of fantasy. I encourage you to check it out because he also gives some excellent book recommendations.


If epic fantasy is too heavy for you try:

Connor from ‘Connor O’Brien’ (@connorbookinit)

Connor not only manages to read a prolific amount of books, he seems to have read almost all the children’s SFF book series out there. He’s also super down-to-earth and has done some wonderful vlogs of his day-to-day book adventures and trips with other booktube friends. (He also has the cutest dog ever who frequently shows up on his channel!)

For Connor, I’d recommend checking out one of his book hauls, they are always huge and wonderful to watch.


If YA’s more your thing then see:

Elena from ‘Elena Reads Books’

Elena is a wonderfully bubbly lady who makes time for reading a big priority and manages to work her way through plenty of books every week. Elena reads a diverse range but certainly tends towards YA SFF and she’s so well-read that she can tell you what’s good and what’s not. If you’re looking for a YA that you’ll really enjoy, check out some of her hauls. I’ve got no doubt you’ll add so many of the books she mentions to your to-buy lists!


If you like shiny new SFF try:

Thomas from ‘SFF180’ (@SFReviewsnet)

Thomas is the channel to check out if you like top-quality visuals and a lot of book-porn. Thomas has managed to cultivate a long-standing relationship with various different publishers world-wide and often receives arc (advance reader copy) books for review. Every Monday he does a series called Mailbag Monday where he showcases these new arcs on his channel. If you have an interest in what’s coming up in the SFF world then you need to follow this series.


For Sci-Fi recommendations and lots of fun:

Bri from ‘Stories from the Shelf’ (@reev2550)

Bri’s channel largely focuses on book discussions and reviews, which means she’s an intelligent young lady with lots to say. Personally I find her series Stitch and Bitch to be particular fun, it’s essentially a live-stream where she just crochets and chats about SFF (a pretty fab idea!)

All of her videos make me think about what I’m reading more deeply. Try her review of The Three Body Problem to hear her wisdom.


If you want to see an SFF reader for old and new books try:

Rachel from ‘Kalanadi’ (@Koenix)

Rachel’s insightful reviews and articulation never cease to amaze and entertain me, and she’s definitely a diverse SFF reader who mixes some of the older fantasy and sci-fi in with some of the newer releases. A great fan of some wonderful female SFF authors, she always has a great selection to recommend and if you check out her recent Overlooked Fantasy video there’s a lot of great picks.


And my final recommendation is:

Otavio from ‘The Galilean Library’ (@galileanbooks)

The range of books you’ll see on Otavio’s channel is diverse indeed but he’s a great fan of the SFF books too and features many reviews and hauls on his channel. Otavio always has a sense of the eloquence surrounding his reviews and discussions, and he is a delightful chap. Try his Top 10 Books of 2015 video to see his tastes.


Between all eight of these you’ll have hours and hours of viewing time, so make sure you give all of them a try. Also, remember that this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are hundreds of channels out there, many of which are SFF-focused, and there’s more and more popping up each day which you’ll find if you look.

Let us know your favourite SFF Booktube channels below and whether you knew any of the ones we mentioned. And, as always, happy reading!


Ed note: we also recommend you follow Kaitlin’s channel. It’s awesome. 


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  • sabrielsioux says:

    Che Adventure is one of my favorites at the moment. She reviews scifi-fi and fantasy books and she sometimes cosplays in her videos.

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